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Elder Services

Member: National Academy of Elder Care Attorneys

Elder Law combines elements of Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Health Care Planning, Medicare/Medicaid Planning and Guardianships. The attorneys at Chanderraj Law Offices have years of experience in all of the areas mentioned, as well as years of related experience with a CPA license and in the healthcare industry. Along with their diverse past experiences, Chanderraj Law Offices is a proud member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), which helps Chanderraj Law Offices stay abreast of all legislation and legal issues that may affect the lives of elder members of the community. Our attorneys hold themselves to the high standards of the NAELA, and aspire to live up to the mission of the organization to be “premier providers of legal advisory, guidance and services to enhance the lives of people with special needs and people as they age.” Our attorneys will ensure that all of the client’s rights are protected, and in cases of mistreatment, will actively pursue a correction or retribution.

With 78 million baby boomers, 10,000 of which are retiring every day (Pew Research Center), elder issues will be on the rise. Chanderraj Law Offices is prepared to assist clients through the complicated maze of legal issues, such as Medicaid Planning and the Division of Assets should a spouse need nursing home care. At the rate of $3,500 or more a month for a nursing home, a couple’s life savings could be protected if the correct planning is done ahead of time. Chanderraj Law Offices aims to be an advocate for the elderly and those preparing for their Golden Years. View this PDF about Legal Issues for Seniors

Medicare and Medicaid are valuable resources for senior citizens to receive nursing home care. For those that meet strict maximum asset and income requirements, Medicaid will cover almost every expense associated with nursing home care. Medicare covers the costs of skilled nursing in some cases, but the rules for coverage are more complex. The attorneys at Chanderraj Law Offices have many years of experience in the healthcare industry, and understand the Medicare and Medicaid systems well. They can make sure that you receive the benefits and assistance you need, without depleting your savings.

Obtaining legal guardianships can be a highly complicated, but necessary, situation in order to protect individuals in need. Once a person has been deemed to be incapable of making sound decisions, a guardianship may need to be established to ensure that the individual receives care. Chanderraj Law Offices will assist in working with Court officials to appoint a well-suited legal guardian and work directly with the guardian to ensure that the client’s needs are being met.

Social Security
Along with Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security is another government program that many senior citizens use to support themselves later in life. Collecting social security is more than filling out a few forms. With careful consideration and planning you can maximize the benefits for you and your spouse. For example, there is an 8% reduction in benefits if you start collecting social security at age 62, and an increase of 32% increase in benefits if you wait until you are 70. According to some researchers, a married couple can add more than $250,000 to their overall social security benefits by using the right claiming strategy. Please let the attorneys at Chanderraj Law Offices assist you with choosing the right strategy for you and your family.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) Claims
SSI and SSDI benefits are available to those who are totally disabled and cannot be gainfully employed. SSDI requires a person to have worked full time for at least 5 of the last 10 years. However, SSI is solely based on financial need. Applying for SSI and SSDI benefits can be difficult; statistically, a majority of these claims are denied after the initial application. The attorneys at Chanderraj Law Offices can help you evaluate your potential case, let you know your eligibility for benefits and assist with the application process.

Elder Abuse
An unfortunate reality of caring for senior citizens is that they have the potential to being on the receiving end of abuse from caretakers, legal guardians, healthcare providers or other individuals in their lives. Chanderraj Law Offices will help to protect the client’s rights, and in cases of mistreatment and abuse, they will actively pursue correction or retribution.