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Powers of Attorney

Unforeseen situations may arise that deprive a person of the ability to make decisions about their life. Having powers of attorney in place prior to these situations is imperative. Lack of a formalized financial and health care power of attorney could lead to costly and invasive guardianship proceedings or outcomes that one never intended. By establishing a power of attorney now, one will be able to choose the person who will make these important and potentially life-changing decisions. Chanderraj Law Offices can help individuals of all ages with health care and financial powers of attorney. A durable health care power of attorney names the person who will make medical decisions on behalf of the client when they are unable. The financial power of attorney gives someone you know and trust the authority to make financial and business decisions. According to state law, in the absence of an appointed power of attorney, one will be appointed to manage a person’s personal care and assets. The attorneys at Chanderraj Law Offices can help you choose the person who will manage your financial and health care matters if you are incapacitated, to ensure that all decisions are made in accordance with your wishes.