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Welcome to Chanderraj Law Offices We are a leading law firm With more than decade of legal experience in all aspects of estate planning, business planning and gaming Welcome to Chanderraj Law Offices PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR BUSINESS INTERESTS WE ARE HERE TO OFFER YOU THE VERY BEST

About Chanderraj Law Offices

Radha Chanderraj is a Las Vegas, Nevada, attorney with more than a decade of legal experience in all aspects of estate planning, business planning, healthcare law and gaming law. She has helped numerous individuals secure their business and personal futures with her proven planning methods.

Over the past thirty years, Ms. Chanderraj has been building her experience in both the legal and business worlds. After receiving two Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Bombay, Ms. Chanderraj built a career in accounting and business administration, which contributes to her strong understanding of the intricacies of business and estate planning.

  CEO & Founder of Chanderraj Law Offices

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Creating the right estate plan protects your family from unnecessary financial and emotional distress, and ensures your assets …

Asset Protection

Advance planning is important for protecting assets. We offer proven asset protection strategies to help protect the hard-earned …

Powers of Attorney

Unforeseen situations may arise that deprive a person of the ability to make decisions about their life. Having powers of attorney …

Business Planning

When setting up a new business or venture, or re-evaluating an existing one, Chanderraj Law Offices provides valuable services …

Entity Formation

The first step in setting up a successful business enterprise is the formation of a property entity. There are a number of options …

Gaming Law

Gaming is a large part of life in Nevada, and the attorneys at Chanderraj Law Offices are highly prepared and capable to help with all …

Healthcare Law

With the slow economic recovery, tight credit markets, and the uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform, healthcare providers …