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The first step in setting up a successful business enterprise is the formation of a property entity. There are a number of options, with each translating into different tax and profitability margins for a company. Many business owners form a corporation and are often surprised to learn that merely filing the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State does not limit the personal liability of shareholders. Each corporation must keep excellent records, hold annual shareholder meetings and follow stringent formalities required under Nevada law. A limited liability company without a good operating agreement can look too much like a sole proprietorship, jeopardizing the owner’s personal liability. With a wide range of business experience in Las Vegas, our attorneys can assist you in planning and forming your business in a way that helps you maximize your chances of success and reduce the risk of personal liability. Using extensive financial, legal and taxation knowledge, the attorneys at Chanderraj Law Offices will be able to guide the business to the best entity to suit each client’s financial circumstances and their needs, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company or a general or limited partnership.